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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

HHSE / Medallion Activities with Signature Media Services

Greetings HHSE friends & followers - with the significant increase in sales volume of DVD and BluRay units of Hannover House and Medallion titles, the company enjoyed the opportunity to renegotiate some cost-of-goods issues with the primary replicator, Signature Media Services in Valencia, CA.  HHSE is still maintaining its own in-house replication capabilities for smaller quantity runs of both DVDs and BluRays.  But for truck-load quantities, Signature Media has presented the company with the best service and pricing.  Signature is the successor company to Encore Media Services, which has been handling most of Hannover's replication needs for the past four years.  Pictured below are some photos of operations as Signature manufactures BluRay and DVD units of LOST IN THE PACIFIC and PALI ROAD for current and upcoming street dates.  Pictured with HHSE's Fred Shefte is Tibor Deme, director of operations for Signature.