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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New Netflix Sales for HHSE / MEDALLION titles

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers:  As expected, both of our principal New Releases titles for this month were also picked up for NETFLIX, and will begin streaming to their subscriber base in April.  LOST IN THE PACIFIC, starring Brandon Routh ("Superman Returns") and PALI ROAD, starring Henry Ian Cusick and Lauren Sweester ("Winter's Bone")... with the additional placement of LOST IN THE PACIFIC at REDBOX RENTAL KIOSKS nationwide starring next Tuesday, Feb. 7.

Other current shipments this month for HHSE / Medallion include the faith-based drama JOB'S DAUGHTER, the Christian action film REVELATIONS, the Christian-Comedy, THE CONGREGATION and ongoing distribution expansion for DVD's of BONOBOS: BACK TO THE WILD. Overall, this has been the most active new release cycle in the company's 23-year history!

For those of you who look at the stock PPS to determine VALUE, management feels that the current pricing of HHSE STOCK is an OUTSTANDING VALUE at this time. Those who are betting against the PPS growth will not prevail against the momentum of REVENUES, CORPORATE GOVERNANCE ACTIVITIES and new, multi-million dollar (non-toxic) FINANCING in motion for HHSE.

HHSE has not issued any new shares since August, 2015, and there is no activity or planning underway to issue any new shares.  The Company has also not entered into any "convertible notes" since 2014, that require stock (instead of cash payments) for retirement, thus alleviating pressures of equity conversions. Furthermore, there have been no convertible notes whatsoever entered into for the past 20-months. Accordingly, there will not be a supply of "cheap shares" flooding the market, as some day traders have predicted incorrectly for the past two+ years.  It's all forward progress for the PPS from here, and with outstanding strength and momentum from the Company's current activities, we are incredibly bullish on the future.

There will be no further opinions rendered by management on this topic until after the current activity filings are fully published.

We thank the longs that have supported HHSE through some difficult marketplace evolutions, and look forward to a champagne moment for those well-founded believers!