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Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Superbowl of HHSE Blog Updates!

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers - As many of you plan to watch the Superbowl today, we will do our best to keep this post concise.  But it won't be easy:  there are so many positive activities in motion!  So without further delay, here's the CLIFF NOTES abbreviated summary:

1).   UPLIST REGISTRATION - The dissolution with Crimson Forest will be completed this week, with a formal termination document that has been mutually approved, and a series of short-form terminations for the individual title agreements (as some had different licensors than Crimson Forest Entertainment Group, Inc.).  This will also trigger the long-requested removal of HHSE management names off the Nevada Secretary of State listing as corporate officers. Part of the overall settlement with CRIM involves the reversion of rights in "Where's the Dragon" back to the original licensors... which is why this item has not appeared on any of the HHSE release schedules for the past four months.  With the Crimson merger obstacle removed, the next steps for our uplist are as follows:

a).  PRE-AUDIT - Completion of formatting and overview by outside CPA - covering 2015 Tax Returns, and the full years of 2016 and 2017.  This step is expected to be completed this week, with the results handed over (along with the remainder of the audit materials) to our PCAOB firm.

b).  UPDATED LIBRARY REPORT - This step is expected to be completed by Feb. 26, and provided to the auditors as the last item for full delivery.

c).  REDRAFTED FORM 10 REGISTRATION - This is already completed, awaiting review by outside S.E.C. counsel, and the auditor's letters.

d).  TIMING - Once filed with the S.E.C., the registration becomes effective on the earlier of 60 days, or S.E.C. approval.  This will trigger our uplist to OTC: QB and the activation of stock share transfers electronically through the DTC.  Management believes that being fully registered, and uplisted away from the Pinksheets, will spark a wave of new investors and funds.

2).  CURRENT RELEASE ACTIVITIES - So much to report, but here are the highlights:

a).   BATTLECREEK hits most major retailers this TUESDAY (Feb. 6) - and is already the company's largest new release "shipped" item in five years.  Based on current pre-orders with Amazon.com, which are STRONG (actually 10-X stronger than last year's top video, "Lost in the Pacific"), we are hopeful that this consumer interest will also apply to Walmart, K-Mart, Target, Best Buy and other locations.  Check out this film, it's worth the modest purchase price!


b).  BLOODFEAST - A limited release of "R" rated DVDs and BluRays will also hit selected retailers on Tuesday... but the BIG GUNS will be blasting with our "SPECIAL, UNRATED AND UNEDITED DIRECTOR'S CUT" - which is rolling out "only in theatres" on a city by city basis.  Management believes that the hard-core Horror fans will support this Unrated version, and thus far, the response from the specialty media supports this belief.


c).  DEATH HOUSE - opens in theatres Feb. 23 - this deserves an entire mega blog to itself.  For now, we'll include the new trailer link.


d).  GETTING GRACE - opens in theatres March 23, and is already proving to be the company's top theatrical title, probably of all time (several "sneak peek" screenings have already occurred and SOLD OUT, with literally thousands of tickets cumulatively already sold!).  This title deserves two or three mega-blogs.  But for now, we'll include just a few images and a link or two.

Trailer # 1 (long version):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9EGeSSUCYI

"When Audiences Get Grace" (short film after one of many sold-out sneak peek events):


EVENT BRITE - Notification of THREE MORE sold out shows, after only 3-days of tickets going on sale!




Oh... and did we forget to mention the 26-city BUS TOUR prior to the theatrical opening?  Or the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) promotion in Nashville?  Or the first-time-ever that the Children's Miracle Network has cross-promoted a theatrical release film? There's so much more to the Getting Grace release campaign, that other blog(s) would be required!

e).  QUIETUS - Retail support for this Feb. 27 long-anticipated re-release (and HHSE's first release of this item in Quality Trade Cover format), continues to build.  Shown below is the FULL PAGE ad for the Feb. 12 issue of PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY, the trade industry guide reaching 68,000 book industry professionals and book stores each week.  Also below is the Amazon.com product link...

Many top reviewers have described QUIETUS as a literary masterpiece... so get a copy and find out for yourself why major retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Hudson Group are presenting this book - first released in 2002 - back on the New Release shelves!


3).  SONY PICTURES HOME ENT. & DISTRIBUTION STRATEGIES - HHSE has been working for over a year now with industry veteran ERIC DOCTOROW, who is best known for his 20+ years as President of Paramount Home Entertainment (a $-Billion+ Division), and more recently as C.E.O. of Random Media.  Many current and upcoming HHSE titles will enjoy the distribution support through SONY as well as Video-On-Demand with The Orchard, and for selected titles, worldwide distribution with Sony Pictures International.  HHSE / Medallion are maintaining the existing distribution pacts with other wholesalers - most notably Cinedigm. But for eligible and qualifying titles, the distribution access into Sony's powerhouse field sales force and distribution pipeline is something of a material development for HHSE.  This move enables HHSE Management to focus on productions, acquisitions and theatrical release activities - and turn over the distraction and difficulties of home video distribution (as well as the cash-flow drain of video manufacturing and freight) to be handled under more beneficial terms.

The initial titles that will benefit under this new distribution pact are:  DAISY WINTERS, THE ALGERIAN and BONOBOS: BACK TO THE WILD.  There are other notable developments in motion with BONOBOS that will merit a separate blog or press announcement. But for now, here's a link to a behind-the-scenes look at the production of this film, and the woman behind the Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary in Africa:

Some HHSE longs will recognize that both ALGERIAN and BONOBOS were summer, 2015 theatrical releases for Hannover House.  These items were held-back from Home Video release initially due to the prior merger with Crimson, but more recently due to the expectation of greater sales upside that may be obtainable through the Sony sales network.

4).  VODWIZ - There's so many exciting developments and updates for us to cover on this venture - that even a Cliff Notes summary at this time cannot do it justice.  Stay tuned for separate news on this topic!

Who Will Win the SUPERBOWL Today?  Hard to predict... but it's not hard to predict that HHSE has reached a significant turning point in the company's history!