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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Hannover House strikes Gold over Oscar's Weekend - with Triple-Threat Events!

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers - while most of Hollywood primped and planned for the Sunday night Oscar's ceremony... Hannover House was hard at work on high-profile events for both GETTING GRACE and DEATH HOUSE... and box office gold has been struck!

First, on Friday night (March 2nd), the highly-anticipated horror-epic, "DEATH HOUSE" opened as a single screen exclusive at the Regency Plant 16 in Van Nuys, CA (a Los Angeles suburb in the San Fernando Valley).  The 7:30 show was sold out over a week in advance, and was over capacity with Standing Room Only audience members, and a spill-over into the 9:55-pm showtime. Overall the film hit $10,295 for the three-day weekend... making it the HIGHEST PER SCREEN AVERAGE of any new release this week (beating out Red Sparrow and Death Wish on the per-screen basis - however, both those major studio releases did also have THOUSANDS of locations, so our achievement is quantified in comparison).  Still... a win is a win!


Getty HD Broadcast News shot and edited a terrific piece from the event, which can be viewed here:


The Getty piece is used as raw material for local TV stations and websites to cut their own stories about DEATH HOUSE, as it opens on March 16 in 25 additional markets. Stills photos from the Associated Press are included near the bottom of this blog.

But that wasn't ALL happening with DEATH HOUSE - On Sunday Night (March 4) - on the birthday of Death House screenwriter GUNNAR HANSEN, another Standing-Room-Only event was held at the Sherman Theatre in Stroudsburg, PA - with over 275 attendees participating in a special event screening and the announcement of the Gunnar Hansen Film Scholarship Fund.  Many movie fans will recognize the name GUNNAR HANSEN from his iconic and terrifying role as "Leatherface" in the classic "Texas Chainsaw Massacre."  Mr. Hansen passed away from cancer just days before the filming of "DEATH HOUSE," and producer Rick Finkelstein made a death-bed promise to Gunnar that the film would get completed and released.

NEXT - there were SIX significant happenings in the last few days for "GETTING GRACE."

HHSE and Getting Grace Films are pulling NO PUNCHES to make the marketing campaign for this acclaimed, family film (opens MARCH 23) into an EXTREMELY VISIBLE indie release!  Here's a few key items from just the past few days:

1).  NRB - Director and lead-actor DANIEL ROEBUCK was a speaker at last week's National Religious Broadcaster's convention in Nashville - and also conducted over a dozen Christian-media interviews that will be released during the week leading up to our March 23 theatrical launch.

2).  CACHET ENTERTAINMENT - the hugely successful, Christian-specialty distributor and marketing agency behind films such as "God's Not Dead" and "The War Room" has joined the promotions team for "GETTING GRACE." This will be immensely helpful in branding the film to the Christian marketplace, as well as helping Hannover House reach the hundreds-of-thousands of taste-makers and influential leaders in this marketplace.


3).  TOUR BUS - The "GETTING GRACE" tour got two big boosts on Friday with the completion of the FULL SIZE touring Bus... AND... the Director's Winnebago.  Both vehicles are prominently "wrapped" with "GETTING GRACE" imagery, and will serve as rolling billboards as the vehicles travel throughout the country over the next two weeks.

4).  CHARITY SCREENINGS in LEHIGH VALLEY - Saturday (March 3), saw THREE SOLD OUT special event shows in Allentown and Bethlehem, PA - which raised over $20,000 for local Children's medical charities - and generated a TON of local goodwill, publicity and momentum.  "GETTING GRACE" opens on March 23, and in this market, it will be playing at the AMC Allentown 16 and the Regal Northhampton 14 - both locations expected to have opening weekend sold-out shows.


5).  LAUNCH OF 26-CITY TOUR!  Immediately after the last of the Saturday Screenings, the "GETTING GRACE" tour hit the road!  Promotional stops will hit a total of 26 major markets, and will have "special event screenings" in 15 markets.  For locations and showtimes, visit the TOUR tab of the film's website, www.GettingGraceTheMovie.com

6).  FIRST SCREENING:  BOSTON'S FENWAY!  Yes, folks, "GETTING GRACE" screened Sunday night at the Regal Fenway Park 13 Theatre in Boston... with media attendees, taste-makers, and general public meeting the two lead stars, DANIEL ROEBUCK and MADELYN DUNDON.

SO - it looks like both of these new HHSE Theatrical Releases are off-to-the races.

But there's more to report on the corporate front - here's a quick summary:

a).  LIBRARY VALUATION - at long last, HHSE has an updated Library Valuation that meets the auditor's requirements!  This is an important element for the Form 10 filing as it impacts the company's balance sheet.

b).  YEAR-END FILINGS - The Q4 for 2017 is completed and will be filed in a timely manner with the OTC Markets.  More importantly, it has been submitted to the outside CPA firm that is checking the formatting and back-up materials needed by the auditors.  It is our belief that we can submit the full auditor's package this week.

c).  FORM 10 FILING - we believe that the auditors will take about 30-days after receiving these final elements, at which time we will be filing the Form 10 registration statement.  The company has engaged a new attorney specializing in S.E.C. filings and disclosures, so that we are minimizing the potential of S.E.C. issues or comments to the Form 10 filing.

d).  VODWIZ - The Company has reached an understanding for funding terms with a private investment group for the required financing to complete the VODWIZ website (to the Amazon digital formatting standards), and to upload over 2,500 titles and launch the site and the OTT channel.  The timing of the launch is planned to occur immediately prior to the May 9th Cannes Film Festival start - as the VODWIZ site has the capability of delivering content worldwide (titles are restricted by territory based on underlying rights). As the marketplace matures and moves more towards digital streaming, the VODWIZ plan to carry thousands of programs from dozens of indie suppliers (and three major studio suppliers!), is potentially "the tail that wagged the dog" for HHSE revenues and future operations.  The funding venture is expected to be documented and executed within the next few days.

e).   IRS RESOLUTION - HHSE managers (Parkinson and Shefte) have had two meetings in the last week to resolve the issue of significant over-payment by HHSE of payroll taxes (including penalties and interest). Supporting documentation was provided, and there is an expectation of resolution (acceptance by the IRS) of the totality of payments within the next few days.

Much more to come on all of these matters....

* * * * *

MEANWHILE - Here's some of the A.P. Stills from the Friday Night DEATH HOUSE opening!


The exquisite LINDSAY HARTLEY dazzles the Red Carpet at the DEATH HOUSE opening night Gala. Hartley portrays "Balthoria" in the film, and has signed on for the sequel, THE FIVE EVILS.

LINDSAY HARTLEY, elegance, grace and stunning style!

VINCENT WARD ("The Walking Dead") portrays one of the Five Evils in DEATH HOUSE


FELISSA ROSE, doing her thang!

Producer RICK FINKELSTEIN (with wife Karen), Producer STEVE CHASE, and actress ANNE LEIGHTON ("Grimm").

Actor KENNY RAY POWELL (and wife).

Producer RICK FINKELSTEIN (with wife Karen), actress ANNE LEIGHTON ("Grimm"),  and Producer STEVE CHASE

Actor SEAN WHALEN ("Twister") from DEATH HOUSE.

Actor KANE HODDER ("Se7en", "Monster", "Daredevil") has one of the principal lead roles in DEATH HOUSE.

Actors TONY MORAN ("Halloween") and SCOTT ENGROTTI ("Scorpion") from DEATH HOUSE

"Bloodfeast 2018" director (and German Reality TV Star) MARCEL WALZ attended the DEATH HOUSE opening night gala. 

Distributor Hannover House CEO, ERIC PARKINSON (far left) joins the DEATH HOUSE cast and producers on the opening night Gala at the Regency Plant 16 theatre, Van Nuys, CA (Mar. 2, 2018)

Representatives of the Brandon Wood Foundation were credited sponsors of the film's opening night Gala and screening.