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Friday, March 30, 2018

HHSE's August Release of "THE RIOT ACT" should incite Western & Thriller fans!

Dear HHSE Friends & Followers:  As mentioned in previous blogs, HHSE facilitated the financing and feature production of "THE RIOT ACT" - which was shot in Northwest Arkansas last November / December. The film benefited from over $1-mm worth of in-kind donations along with State of Arkansas feature film and economic development incentives.

Working in consultation with Regal Entertainment Group and AMC Theatres, a release date of August 24th has been set for the theatrical launch of "THE RIOT ACT." There is an enhanced level of confidence in the film's commercial value, due in part to being the ONLY western feature of the summer, and the associated cross-promotions that this unique status will enjoy.

Below is a full-page ad in the April issue of BOX OFFICE MAGAZINE, which is read each month by approximately 45,000 Theatrical Exhibition and Film Industry Professionals. This April edition will also benefit from 6,500 "bonus" copies to be circulated at the CinemaCon show in Las Vegas (April 23 - 26).