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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Major retailer adds LENNON BERMUDA CD to Black Friday Specials!!!

The Lennon Bermuda (Tribute CD) from Hannover House and FB Media has been added as a Black Friday featured item from one of the nation's top retailers!  Watch for the announcement in October(from the retailer) as they roll-out their entire product listings as Black Friday specials.  We are also working to get a couple of DVD's included, but that's not yet finalized... Meanwhile, time to get our manufacturing lab in California busy!  SMILIN' AND DIALIN' for Q4 sales!

UPDATE:  While all of the retail accounts are aware of the street dates for this item, some shareholders believed that the Lennon CD was due out now (Sept. 24), based upon the acquisitions announcement in July.  Our apologies for not immediately informing shareholders of the corrected release date, which was changed back in July after initial discussions with major accounts.  In order to be a "new" release eligible for Black Friday placement, the company had to move the retail (bricks-and-mortar) date to Tuesday, Nov. 19 (and the on-line date to Tues., Nov. 12).  The November dates not only work for mainstream book retailers, but also represent a preferred on-sale launch date for discussions underway for placement into Starbucks.  Our goal remains to maximize sales for each item, and oftentimes, this means that the company needs to coordinate release dates to correspond with retail shelf space or promotional availabilities.