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Friday, September 20, 2013

Zombie Warz leads HOT MOVIES promotion at 2,907 Wal-Mart Supercenters!

Benefitting from a well-timed release corresponding with the major Brad Pitt hit, "WORLD WAR Z", the Hannover House apocalyptic thriller "ZOMBIE WARZ" is the current lead title in a 24-film special assortment of "HOT MOVIES" at 2,300 Walmart stores nationwide!  The 1/2-pallet display is in the "action alley" (near the Hard-Goods store entrance) and in many locations, the display is adjacent to the 1/2-pallet displayer for "WORLD WAR Z."  It's a great example of market drafting and complementary timing, and a great indie-studio strategy whenever possible.  In the past, Hannover House has had other successful titles that "drafted" off major theatrical films of a similar content.  The company's direct-to-video productions of "SWAT: THE REAL STORY" and "SAMURAI: THE LAST WARRIOR" were top selling items at Walmart and Best Buy as complementary documentary support for the feature films "S.W.A.T." and "THE LAST SAMURAI."  Hannover's current direct-to-video documentary production of "DINOSAURS OF THE JURASSIC WORLD" should be a solid selling item when first released next spring... but is also expected to have a long retail shelf-life due in part to it's complementary support of the upcoming Spielberg epic "JURASSIC WORLD" (due out in theatres June, 2015).