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Friday, July 25, 2014

HHSE converts master control to 4K Feature Editing Suite!

Greetings HHSE Friends & Shareholders - over 20-hours of 35mm footage from Hannover's current production of "SHADOW VISION" has been transferred to 4k digital files and to edit-format compatible files for editing.  We've converted part of our upstairs master-control offices into an editing suite for "SHADOW VISION" which will be flipped over to "CLOWN TOWN" and "BELLE STARR" as each of those productions moves into editorial / post-production stages.  "MOTHER GOOSE: JOURNEY TO UTOPIA" will have all post production and editing completed with our co-production partner in New Orleans.

Approx. 1/3rd of principal photography for "SHADOW VISION" is now completed.  To obtain the desired contrasting "look" for the opening acts of the film as compared to the second and third-acts, the film starts in 35mm and moves into 4k Digital.  The 35mm sequences - which take place during a lengthy time-frame during which the process of vision-enhancement is developed by researchers - will have a "film look" from the 35mm process (slightly grainy, greater shadow range, less color saturation).  When the research team loses their funding grant (beginning of Act 2), they decide to dramatically increase the strength of their herbal formula, and try it out on themselves.  This sets the plot and resolution into motion, and will be shot entirely on 4k original format.

All footage - including the 35mm sequences - will ultimately be transferred to 4k.  Key cinema exhibitors - such as Regal Entertainment Group (Regal, United Artists, Edwards Theatres) have the capability of exhibiting from a 4k source element DCP drive.  Other theatres will exhibit the film in 2k format, which is also compatible for Blu-Ray.  At some point in time - if there's ever a digital or packaged goods format for 4k native programming - Hannover House will be ready with "SHADOW VISION" and other features as we're planning ahead for that possible format rise.

Pictured below is the main control console for the Hannover House Master Control room.  The edit monitors (4k Seiki Flat Panels) will replace the studio-calibrated monitors currently on the top shelf.  The editing software is Adobe CS6, which outputs an edit list to enable the final element to conform assembly into 4k format.  The AVID drives and towers are being replaced by this more popular Adobe edit software.

Yes, those are Herman Miller chairs for our engineers - only the best!