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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Releases in Queue for Q4 Sales Success!

Greetings HHSE Friends & Shareholders - while most of our focus the past two weeks (and likely the next four weeks to come!) has been with the operational details supporting the mega-launch of VODwiz... we are still getting inquiries about our core home video business and new releases.  Attached are the four primary "DVD" releases for Q4 from Hannover House - not listed are the budget titles, the specialty releases and the Spanish product.  Also not listed are the Q4 theatrical releases (and we've got a BIG one in the lead, to be announced soon!).

Studio support for VODwiz is running at 100% - we have obtained titles and library support from every indie-studio label that has been approached.  All of these established programming suppliers recognize the absurdity of the current "product bottle-necking" that is happening within the existing VOD portals.  The box office hits are available almost everywhere.. but where can consumers find anything else? 

The VODwiz site and IPTV channel are looking to have unanimous support from the independent film distribution labels and industry as "the destination site" for a wide variety of films for streaming... NOT "JUST" a handful of hits that most movie consumers have already seen.  VODwiz will present a massive catalog of fresh discoveries in independent, esoteric, foreign and art releases.  AND WE LAUNCH NEXT MONTH!!! 

VODwiz is developing into a major brand portal, to be reckoned with in the same manner as HULU, VUDU, AMAZON, NETFLIX, ITUNES and other sites that have already developed brand identity in the rapidly emerging video-on-demand marketplace.

Meanwhile - because we were asked - here's some highlights for our upcoming home video slate: