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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Impressive Technology drives VODWIZ on-boarding process...

With ten (10) indie studio partners committed to the VODWIZ consumer launch next month, the HHSE management is focused on the technical "on-boarding" process for each title.  HD files of each movie - including "meta-data" (that drives the listings information and menus), and "closed-caption" options - each take up close to 100-GIGABYTES of storage in the Apple ProRes formats.  So what are some of the solutions for on-boarding 2,500 full-length movies requiring (approximately) 250,000 GIGS of storage?  For our primary VODwiz supplier partners, we're utilizing 4-Terabyte Drives from Seagate, stacked five to a series inside of Venus 75-C drive towers.

It's surprisingly compact when you realize that one of these little Venus tower units is holding the High-Definition data files for TWO-HUNDRED (200) feature films! 

The entire VODwiz library launch titles can be stored onto about twelve of these towers.  Now, think back about ten or twelve years ago... remember that COMPAQ or DELL desktop tower that you had?  How much memory did those carry... maybe FOUR gigs if you had special media needs?  TEN Gigs if you were a geek programmer?  Compare yesterday's technology to this little tower (below) that holds TWENTY-THOUSAND Gigabytes of storage!!!

ANYWAY - VODwiz on-boarding is now in full-swing mode... and the consumer launch plans are being assembled.  The plan is for a consumer rollout in late August, driving movie audiences to the site once we have tonnage of title availabilities. 

UPDATE (Friday, July 18) - we have received some shareholder questions that have gone into far greater detail as to how the streaming logistics work, and how consumers will access files.  To be clear,  the Seagate Drives (and Venus "towers") are the hardware elements and methodology that HHSE is utilizing to collect all of the features comprising the VODwiz studio files.  These files are formatted for NTEK to utilize in uploading to the "Cloud" based storage and delivery systems that are the backbone of the VODwiz delivery (for both the web portal and the IPTV-Roku-compatible channel).  The physical delivery of streaming files is not being handled by HHSE or through our corporate offices.  However, the movie library for VODwiz that is being assembled through this digital file system will serve as the initial upload "source" as well as the "back-up" files in case there's ever a need to re-access one of the supplier studio's source films.