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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Amazon.com - LENNON BERMUDA featured push promotion

As previously disclosed, Amazon.com agreed to a special promotional push for the wonderful audio CD release of  "LENNON BERMUDA."  The promotional window was originally scheduled for Dec. 12 to Dec. 20 as a last minute holiday gift.  The shipment to Amazon of CDs was the largest in HHSE's history!  However, the Amazon ASIN number for the promotion did not match the actual ASIN for the HHSE item: Label: Hannover House / ASIN: B00E3EM1YM.  There's three other LENNON BERMUDA (Import) items with different ASIN (Amazon) numbers. This resulted in the promotion being moved to Dec. 26 - January 6.  So the sell angle will be re-themed to fit their "Ring in the New Year" campaign which primarily targets Amazon.com gift card recipients.  The HHSE Amazon Rep thinks this is better for the item as it's a less-competitive window against the major label products.


HHSE will post some of the "sale suggestion" links and outbound promo pitches from this Amazon.com promotion as they go live, which should be on the morning of Dec. 26. FYI -  the sales revenues still book for December based on the timing of the shipment.

HOLIDAY GIFT!  The first ten requests will get a FREE Lennon Bermuda CD.  Just email your name and address to:  Regina@HannoverHouse.com

It's a GREAT Audio CD for parties, general listening, even walking or working out.   Everyone recognizes these classic Lennon tunes, and the cover variations (many in an upbeat "Reggae" style) are infectiously fun to hear.