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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Form 10 not filed as of 12-24-14

Good afternoon HHSE Followers - In order to close and fund the new credit facility before year's end, the past two days have required the full attention of Shefte and Parkinson on that urgent / tim-sensitive project.  The completion of the Form 10 has been delayed as a result, and will not circle back to first position over the next 24-48 hours. 

We realize that from a Shareholder's standpoint, getting the Form 10 filed is viewed as a crucial step to support the stock price, and therefore seems more urgent to some than the actual operations of the business.  As managers of the business, we recognize the shareholder attention to PPS, but also must operate the business so that the company succeeds.  "Build a solid company, and the PPS will follow"(is the principle - but one which does not always apply in the OTC pink-sheet market). 

We'll finish the filing of the Form 10 as promised, just not at the precise moments of time that we've predicted.  We wish Happy Holidays to all - regardless of religion or celebration.  HHSE managers will be working over the next few days to finish these urgent tasks, and deliver on the company's promise.

Happy Holidays to all.  HHSE