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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

HHSE - Q1 & April / May, 2015 - New Release Title Information

HHSE Management has been advised to post the names of certain Q1 and April / May (2015) releases prior to their disclosure via the publication of the Form 10 Registration Statement.  The home video / V.O.D. titles listed below are already into formal "pre-order solicitation" with key retailers and wholesalers, and as such, may require shareholder disclosure.  Some of these titles will receive a separate, free-standing announcement or press release.

Company has already received substantial preorders and placement commitments for most of the home video / V.O.D. titles below, including orders from new accounts that had rarely (if ever) carried Hannover House titles (including Family Video Movies, Target and SAMS Clubs).  The volume of new titles from all supplier labels (including Hannover House) is significant and has required that some of the release dates be shuffled into months with less direct competition (so that each of our releases do not "cannibalize" away from the sales impact of other "similar genre" releases planned for that same release window).  There is a particular concentration of "Urban" appeal titles in April due to key account promotions.

Some of the "outside label" titles have had limited, prior release (e.g., Christian specialty stores), but will be seeing mass merchant placement for the first time through Hannover House (specifically, new release positioning into Walmart, Target, Best Buy, SAMS).  Exact "on sale dates" at retailers are always subject to shelf-space availabilities for independent releases not considered to be "street-date-sensitive."  Hannover House cannot guarantee that each title will be placed "on sale" at the major accounts during the precise street date or release month.  Retailer movement of titles and specific on-sale street dates fall within the ordinary course of business for this industry and the major mass merchants; minor street date adjustments impact all studios and video suppliers of titles considered to not be "street-date-sensitive."  Titles slated for release during Q1, as well as titles scheduled for street dates in April, are all expected to ship and be recognized as revenues during Q1, 2015.


The Weather Station - HHSE - (Russian Thriller) - Limited (key markets)
The Algerian - HHSE -(Action-Thriller) - Top 25 Markets
Valley Inn - HHSE -(Romantic Comedy) - Top 25 Markets

* Note:  Producers have still not delivered a textless (captionless) master for Borrar de la Memoria, and the existing  captions provided do not conform to USA theatrical subtitle formats.  This title cannot be scheduled for theatrical release until these delivery issues are resolved. 

(23 DVDs + 3 BluRays)

Jan. - Valley of the Witch - HHSE (Sci-Fi / Horror)
Jan. - Possession: The Ingloda Within - HHSE (Sci-Fi / Horror)

Feb. - On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter - HHSE/RMBH (Motorsports / Documentary)
Feb. - American Justice - HHSE/PM (Action-Adventure)
Feb. - Asalto Al Cine - HHSE (Action-Adventure / Spanish)
Feb. - The Cinema Hold Up - HHSE (English version of "Asalto Al Cine")

Mar. - Sunshine  - HHSE (Action-Adventure / Urban Appeal)
Mar. - Pappa Cap: Urban Six Pack - HHSE(Multipack Urban Appeal Collection)
Mar. - Midnight Horror Show  - HHSE (Horror / Thriller)
Mar. - Bobby Dogs  - HHSE (Drama)
Mar. - Reach - HHSE (Drama) 

Apr. - Salvation - HHSE (Action / Thriller)
Apr. - Gabrielle  - HHSE (Horror / Thriller)
Apr. - Vengeance II - GA (Action-Adventure / Urban Appeal)
Apr. - Of Sentimental Value - GA (Action-Adventure / Urban Appeal)
Apr. - The Congregation - GA(Urban / Christian)
Apr. - Grim - HHSE (Action-Adventure / Urban Appeal)
Apr. - Next Up - HHSE (Urban / Comedy)

May - Dinosaurs of the Jurassic- HHSE (Kids / Educational / Documentary)
May - The Weather Station - HHSE (Russian Thriller)
May - Flesh for the Beast - FD (Sci-Fi / Horror TV Series Set)
May - Kite Liberator - FD (Anime)
May - Doonby - GA (Drama / Christian)

HHSE Acquired New Release Titles - planned for release dates after the May, 2015 include:  Video Releases of ALGERIAN and VALLEY INN, plus FRANKENSTEIN, THE HONEYMOON, BURIED ALIVE, BORRAR DE LA MEMORIA, BONOBOS, THE LION PRINCE, ALL-AMERICAN COWBOY, and the "MAJOR MARCH NATIONAL THEATRICAL TITLE" (pending announcement) and all current theatrical productions.  Company will also work to schedule in ten additional new releases as summer submissions from affiliated supplier studios (including Fever Dreams, Green Apple and GDC).