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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Now Shipping! "AMERICAN JUSTICE" - First of Five Major Video Releases!

Good Morning HHSE Friends - Exciting morning already, as the first of the major shipments of our five significant January / February titles is underway.  Orders for  "American Justice" to Walmart USA, Walmart Canada, Redbox, Family Video and multiple other major accounts have commenced shipment and should be fully completed by Tuesday. "Grand Champion" shipments to Walmart started yesterday, and "Sunshine" and "On Any Sunday" are on track for shipments next week.  "Valley of the Witch" and "Asalto Al Cine" are slated for shipment during the week of Jan. 19 - 23.

The manufacturing and fulfillment of these orders is not dependent upon the closure of the Company's recently signed credit line;  however, the substantial accounts receivable being generated will definitely improve the Company's financial position.

With respect to the credit line, the documents were fully executed last Tuesday and HHSE is awaiting release of the initial traunch of funding.

SHARE STRUCTURE - No changes, no new issuances.  As stated, the Company will advise if any new activities are PLANNED and will be obligated to report if  any ACTUAL CHANGES in share structure and the total of shares outstanding has occurred. 

VODWIZ LAUNCH and FORM 10 FILING are each still progressing. Cannot specify the precise hour, day, for the publication of each at this moment.  Updates tomorrow.