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Monday, January 12, 2015

Recent Video Hits make for Budget Bin Blockbusters!

Greetings HHSE Friends & Shareholders - as we move into the heaviest schedule in the Company's history for NEW RELEASE Videos... it's also important to note that the Company is in the midst of its most aggressive push ever for CATALOG SALES, V.O.D. and BUDGET BIN activities.

Listed below are FIVE (5) titles from one of the HHSE - Medallion Supplier Studios (Green Apple Entertainment), that are all being repriced right now for the $5.00 budget bins at WALMART, BEST BUY and TARGET.  Each of these five items enjoyed significant sell-thru (and rental) success during their recent, initial DVD releases... and each of these is being released for the first time at these attractive consumer price points.

3 GEEZERS is a comedy starring TIM ALLEN ("The Santa Clause") and J.K. SIMMONS ("Juno") among other notable stars.

JULES VERNE'S MYSTERIOUS ISLAND is a sci-fi / fantasy feature that was a top rated movie last year on the SyFy Channel.

LOVE BEAT THE HELL OUTTA ME is an urban comedy and drama starring TERRENCE HOWARD ("Iron Man") and Glenn Plummer ("Speed").

WAR FLOWERS is a Civil War Action-Adventure, starring CHRISTINA RICCI ("Legend of Sleepy Hollow") and TOM BERENGER ("Platoon").

THE GHOSTS OF ST. AUBIN is an urban themed, supernatural love-story.

With four new supplier labels adding substantial product flow to the HHSE catalog (which is now over 200-titles by itself), the Company's push to create a strong presence each month in the DVD and BluRay "Budget Bins" could become a major revenue source for the next few years.