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Friday, January 23, 2015

Out of the door>> HHSE Records Record SALES with January Shipments!

Good morning HHSE Friends & Followers - In response to the Company's earlier announcement that January was shaping up into a RECORD month for the Company's core (DVD / Blu-Ray) business, some shareholders have asked for a breakdown of titles and placements.

Unlike some of the prior HHSE blog posts and forecasts, the information below are not  "projections" of upcoming activities... but an actual out-of-the-door summation of shipments thus far for this month!  SEVEN DVD titles (plus BluRay formats for "American Justice" and "Gabrielle"), makes for NINE new items shipping in a single month!

How does this compare to the TOTAL of new releases in 2013?  How about 2014?  The answer is impressive.  HHSE had a total of EIGHT new titles in ALL of 2013, and FOUR new DVDs in ALL of 2014 (along with three books and one audio CD for a total of eight new releases).

So our January, 2015 product flow already EQUALS OR EXCEEDS the total of all product flow for each of the prior two years!

Is this an anomaly?  Are those HHSE guys going to go on a six-month vacation now?

NO!  New title releases already in preorder / solicitation for shipments* over the the next few months include:

FEBRUARY:  Reach, Midnight Horror Show, Pappa Cap Urban Six Pack, The Weather Station

MARCH - Flesh for the Beast: Tsukiko's Curse, Of Sentimental Value, Vengeance II, The Congregation, Grim, Next Up

APRIL - Dinosaurs of the Jurassic, Doonby, Susie's Hope, On Angel's Wings, Red Dirt Rising, The Honeymoon, 

MAY - Silent No More, Salvation, Surf Party: Summer Unleashed, Brutal Colors, Live at the Foxes Den, Frankenstein: Day of the Beast

PLUS - The Company, along with supplier-studio labels from Medallion Releasing, will be repricing and re-releasing TWENTY-THREE (23) ADDITIONAL ITEMS during this same time frame, priced for the WALMART, TARGET and BEST BUY Budget DVD Bins.

... Add in four SIGNIFICANT theatrical release titles this spring - which will add to a line up for SUMMER and early FALL - and it's easy to see that HHSE and Medallion are positioned to have about EIGHTY (80) titles during 2015... more than TEN-TIMES the revenue generating number of releases than each of the past two years!  This rapid expansion of the Company's release slate is due to a variety of factors, not the least of which is the organization of Medallion Releasing - the recruitment of supplier studios to add these titles (all of which - and many more -  are also part of the Company's VODwiz collection), and a focus on building the core business and core revenues so that the Company can thrive, grow and pay its obligations from revenues.


* Shipment month is usually a few weeks before "on sale" street dates