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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Three Home Runs for HHSE at Walmart!

AMERICAN JUSTICE is jumping on day one at Walmart Stores nationwide!  Looks like it's positioned for a good initial launch and long-term placement!  Watch also for AMERICAN JUSTICE at Redbox kiosks (about 1/2 of the USA has the item at Redbox Kiosks, as it's part of the "Urban" locations product mix).  

GRAND CHAMPION should be another big winner in the Family Modulars at only $5.00 retail.  Major cast includes JULIA ROBERTS, BRUCE WILLIS, GEORGE STRAIT and EMMA ROBERTS.

ASALTO AL CINE' is attacking the Spanish Modular at about 850 Walmart Stores, and had a good first day of sales.

It's exciting to have three titles in at Walmart, each in non-competitive categories, yet each with a clearly identifiable market.  Watch for more news on additional Walmart / SAMS placements and sales / retail turns updates!