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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WALMART! And other interesting updates....

1).  HHSE TITLES ON SALE at Walmart!  Will post photos shortly!

2).  FORM 10 PUBLICATION - MacReport Media reports that the document COULD be published today by SEC / EDGAR.  Will update as this occurs.

3).  TRIBUNE ENT - As stated previously, Company debt to Tribune (newspapers), all from the release of the movie "TWELVE" in 2010, was adjudicated in favor of Tribune (HHSE never contested the amount, only the Company's ability to pay it without jeopardizing cash needed for operations and the generation of new release revenues as priority).  A new attorney was hired by Tribune to collect, and as of yesterday, HHSE's attorney spoke with their representative, and a structure for monthly installments is now being drafted.  Tribune will hold off any enforcement / collection actions while this new payment structure is being drafted and implemented.