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Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Tiny" Lister is HUGE at Walmart with AMERICAN JUSTICE Jumping Off The Shelves!

Dear HHSE Friends - although Walmart vendor policy restricts the release of unit-specific sell-thru data, we can say that there was nothing TINY about the first two days of product on-shelves at Walmart for "AMERICAN JUSTICE."  This indie-action-thriller stars the bigger-than-life "TINY" Lister ("Friday"), along with a great supporting cast of John Schneider, James Russo, Johnny "Nitro" Hennigan and the always lovely Vida Guerra.

Why is "AMERICAN JUSTICE" selling so well?  Could it be the great CAST?  Could it be the killer BOX?  Could it be the PLOT that pits a wrongly-accused black man against corrupt and racist white police officers?  Sounds like a pretty current topic to us!  Anyway, it's always exciting to have a hot selling item... those titles that blow through the top-end forecasts and make it fun for the studios!