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Friday, April 17, 2015

OTC Markets Status - Restoring to Fully Current

Good Morning HHSE Friends, and YIKES!  We were shocked yesterday to discover that our access to file the 12/31/2014 numbers onto the OTC Markets site was blocked due to a "lapse in subscription" access.  We had previously been told that our UPLIST to the OTC QB (and the payment of $10,000) would be effective after the May 11 S.E.C. certification, and that we would no longer be required to maintain a subscription to the "Pinksheets" service.  What was not clarified was the limbo-period that we find ourselves currently.

Accordingly, HHSE has renewed the Pinksheets subscription and rendered payment to the OTC Markets... simply so that we can get our year-end results posted, and be "restored" to CURRENT reporting status.  This will be our LAST filing as a PINKSHEET Company, due to the imminent uplisting.

MEANWHILE, the "Chicken Littles" of the short-sellers world are going to try to paint a false image of this hiccup in the uplisting process.  Don't listen to them... their agenda is malicious in trying to persuade legitimate shareholders to sell them shares below value.  This housekeeping / listing issue with the OTC has already been addressed, and we're simply awaiting the restoral of our access to post the financials (which will immediately restore CURRENT information / Full Pinksheets status).