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Thursday, April 16, 2015

What do you think? Could "CITY OF FRIENDS" a big Kids-Video HIT in the USA?

"CITY OF FRIENDS" is a 52-episode animated kids series that has already proven itself as a worldwide hit!  Available now for the first time in the USA, it looks to have a similar pedigree to shows such as "BARNEY" or "DORA THE EXPLORER."

There is some chatter about a possible daily BROADCAST of the episodes on a major USA Television Network, as both a revenue source as well as a promotional vehicle to drive DVD and Bluray sales through traditional mass merchant retailers (the "Barney" model).

Hannover House has generally shied away from animated properties - as they typically take many years and many millions to produce.  But this is a done-series (plus two feature length holiday specials).  That is what is making it look very interesting!