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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Shipping to Retailers this week - From Hannover House

Good morning HHSE Friends - following our impressive Q1 schedule and results, HHSE continues to fire-away with sales and releasing momentum into Q2.  Already shipping out for April release and billings are these THREE titles... with five more April shipments in queue!  New Shipments to key Retailers and Wholesalers this week from Hannover House include:

MIDNIGHT HORROR SHOW - "Completely Insane... A Horror Masterpiece" - HorrorNews.com

NEXT UP - COMEDY FROM THE SUNSET STRIP - (hosted by Alex Thomas)

THE CON-GREGATION - Courtney D. Harris in an irreverent, urban-appeal drama.

This consistent volume of monthly releases builds the retailer credibility and market-share for Hannover House and Medallion Releasing... as well as expanding the company's Film & Television Library at warp speed... creating immediate revenues and long-term value for our shareholders!