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Friday, August 14, 2015

More Indie Studio Suppliers to join VODWIZ product slate!

Good afternoon HHSE Followers - Four significant indie studio suppliers were contracted following meetings and agreements cut in CANNES back in May.  Previously, the Company announced the participation of titles from XVIII Entertainment - which include titles also for theatrical and home video, in addition to VODWIZ.

We're able to announce the specific details of another supplier that will be adding titles to VODWIZ. The copyright proprietor behind the library formerly marketed under "Action International Pictures" will make approximately eighty (80) titles available through VODWIZ, including the company's best-selling action-adventure films which were the staple of their aggressive production slate in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

Regarding a consumer launch of VODWIZ - a decision has been made to start heavy promotions as soon as we surpass a "now live" count of five-hundred (500) titles.

VODWIZ and HHSE remain committed to the principle that we only have "one chance to make a first impression."  We hope that the first impression is two fold:

1). That VODWIZ has a LOT of titles, and

2). That MANY of the titles are films with commercially broad appeal.

Frankly, while there are significant (and specific) markets and fans for the many sci-fi, horror and action films already under license (and uploaded / or being uploaded), we believe that the site will benefit from the professional panache' of some recent, major theatrical titles populating the home page graphics.  Yes, the current HHSE theatrical releases will be present - but the VODWIZ intent is to have several "wide" release titles from suppliers (already under contract) to sizzle-up the home page.  The roster of what is now 3,720 titles is impressive... but not many were nationwide theatrical titles.  So we're going to put our best-foot forward when launching this consumer outreach.

Stay tuned for more VODWIZ updates on Sunday.

1 Alien Seed 46 Maximum Breakout
2 Armed for Action 47 Mission Kill
3 Black Snow 48 Nightwars
4 Blood on the Badge 49 Operation Warzone
5 Bootleg 50 Order of the Eagle
6 Born Killer 51 Phoenix: The Warrior
7 Bounty Hunter 52 Presumed Guilty
8 Brutal Fury 53 Project Vampire
9 Burning Vengeance 54 Rage to Kill
10 Center of the Web 55 Rapid Fire
11 Code Name: Vengeance 56 Robo-C.H.I.C.
12 Dance 57 Saxman / The Revenger
13 Dark Rider 58 Shooters
14 Dead End City 59 Shredder Orpheus
15 Deadly Dancer 60 Space Mutiny
16 Deadly Manor 61 Street Hitz
17 Deadly Reactor 62 Sudden Thunder
18 Deadly Prey 63 Suffering Bastards
19 Death Chase 64 Teenage Exorcist
20 Death House 65 That's Action
21 Death Merchant 66 Timeburst
22 Desperate Crimes 67 White Fury
23 Dirty Games 68 Zipperface
24 Double Threat
25 Ex-Cop
26 Elves
28 Eye of the Snake 1 Baja's Giants of the Deep
29 Fatal Skies 2 Bullrider
30 Final Sanction 3 Cameras in Motion
31 Firehead 4 Hyopnosis
32 Foxy Boxing 5 Joni Mitchell (Music Videos)
33 Future Force 6 Meditation: A Light in the Darkness
34 Future Zone 7 The Last Frontier
35 Hell on the Battleground 8 Thin Lizzy (Music Videos)
36 Hellmaster 9 Triumph (Music Videos)
37 Invasion Force 10 Truk's Legendary Lagoon
38 Island of Blood 11 UFO's and Channeling
39 Jungle Assault 12 Warlock (Music Videos)
40 Last Flight to Hell 13 Wrathchild (Music Videos)
41 Lethal Games
42 Letting Go
43 Lock and Load
44 The Lost Platoon
45 Mankillers