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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Reserve Shares" for HHSE are being eliminated, and Wyoming S.O.S. will be corrected

Good Morning HHSE Friends - we are informed that the Wyoming Secretary of State was contacted by ne'er-do-wells who were intellectually unable to grasp the concept of "Reserve Shares" and persuaded the S.O.S. listing for HHSE to be MODIFIED (??!! WOW!), to improperly designate shares that are NOT issued or NOT YET authorized to be issued, to instead be listed as immediately authorized.  Really. Someone. Contacted. The S.O.S. Office. They convinced them to modify a corporate filing. Seriously. This happened! There's a record of this interference.

Fortunately for the legitimate shareholders of HHSE, we now have some further, direct communications evidencing this interference and attempted sabotage - and as it deals with the State of Wyoming, there will be far greater criminal ramifications for interfering with corporate filings.

Previous interference that we have documented for the U.S. Attorney's office includes outreach to Hogan Taylor (auditors), ICM (Talent Agency) and to Annapurna Productions (T3K). We have identified five specific individuals that are part of a criminal cabal to manipulate OTC markets stocks. When HHSE refused to provide them with insider-trading information, they made a vendetta to try to "tank the stock." Frankly, they've been relentless and pretty damned good at it... which is their goal, in order to continue to extort and bully other OTC Markets companies into participating in their criminal scheme. HHSE has been frustrated at the speed at which the wheels-of-justice have been grinding. But we're told that the pieces are finally fully assembled to proceed legally.

Meanwhile, in order to clarify that these shares are NOT issued, and are unlikely to EVER actually become "authorized" - in order to fit into the tiny-little brain box of these idiots - HHSE will file an amended articles statement to specifically, clearly state that our authorized shares are 800-mm.  We'll make sure to use smaller words and to "write-slowly" (so that even really stupid people can understand what it means).

Geesh, these guys must really think that there's no consequence to their actions... let's test that belief.

FYI, there was nothing wrong with the HHSE filing, which transferred the ability to authorize new shares to our Transfer Agent under very special (and extraordinarily unlikely) circumstances. Corporations have the authority to increase or decrease their share structures all the time... and corporations also have the authority to appoint or assign certain powers and power-of-attorney to qualified third parties.  HHSE's corporate filing was reviewed by corporate counsel, S.E.C. counsel and the Wyoming Secretary of State before being published.  However, there's no longer a need for reserve shares, so the A/S can be more specifically clarified as being 800-mm, as stated.