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Friday, August 21, 2015

Oops! Almost forgot: DARK AWAKENING will have full / national penetration at Walmart Stores!

Greetings HHSE Friends - Forgot to mention that "DARK AWAKENING" will be the first HHSE title to get full A, B and C-Store penetration into WALMART's nationwide, with the October 6th DVD/ BluRay date.  The title will ALSO be appearing in DVD format at TARGET stores, and in both DVD and BluRay formats for BEST BUY.  There is a discussion (but no commitment yet) for the DVD to be placed into the REDBOX KIOSKS.

The video packaging will be a variation on what we're calling the "Dark Girls" image - instead of the theatrical art which we have been calling "Creepy Bed."  This is because the image on a DVD box needs to work at a 9-inch size... whereas a movie poster is 41-inches tall, and more subtle imagery can still be effective.

Hey!  Here's a FUN IDEA.  Let's challenge shareholders to submit a SELFIE of themselves in a Walmart Store holding a DVD or BluRay of "DARK AWAKENING" for the street date promotion!  Apparently, purportedly, there's a small army of HHSE followers that frequent Walmart stores, so this SELFIE photo idea should be easy and fun!  To make it easier, we'll provide some PRIZES and some CLUES:

a).  WALMART is the name of a major retail chain in the USA and Canada (and throughout the world).  But don't travel internationally... just visit a Walmart store NEAR you!

b).  GO INTO THE WALMART Store and ask the greeter for directions to the VIDEO DEPARTMENT.  This is VERY IMPORTANT, because if you go to the VISION Department or LADIES CLOTHING area, you will NOT be successful in locating Hannover House and Medallion Releasing DVD and BluRay Titles.

c).  IN THE VIDEO DEPARTMENT - look for the shelving marked "NEW RELEASES."  This is also important, because HHSE and Medallion titles are not going to be in the sections marked "Televisions" or "Video Games."  Those are different products.  You're looking for DVD's and BluRays.

d).  SHOOT A SELFIE PHOTO - this is a slang term meaning "shoot a photo that shows your face in sufficient detail as to be clearly identifiable" - and it would help to "HOLD" the DVD or BluRay of "DARK AWAKENING" to show your friends that you definitely do know how to read English (those brats will QUIT teasing you about being unable to read or find your buttocks after you post this photographic proof!).

To collect your prize, send your selfie photo to:  HannoverPR@aol.com   From there, it will be properly rewarded!