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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 8 - Cannes Film Festival - So MUCH to Say, So Little Time!

Greetings HHSE Friends, Followers and Shareholders - what happens with you have 6,000 journalists and 11,500 registered attendees and 100,000 tourists converge onto a small area of about 2-square mile area in southern France?  Well, quite a bit, actually.  But for several frustrating days, what was most annoying for HHSE / Medallion was the total crunch of internet bandwith - data and WiFi access.  Like 20-pounds of potatoes trying to cram into a 5-pound sack, only the priority fiber-optic owners seemed to get good access, and those on the Palais Des Festivals WiFi Network have been challenged to get even emails to open.

Daily updates have been logistically impossible.  But we are going to present a brief overview now...

HHSE / Medallion screened FOUR films in Palais Market Screenings. Good response!

HHSE / Medallion titles were advertised DAILY in the Official Cannes Show Daily (full page ads!);

HHSE / Medallion conducted over 150 meetings thus far, with buyers / licensors from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, U.K., Australia / New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, China and Japan.  Our heads are spinning and we have stacks of notes, agreements and quite a bit of follow-up for post-market closings.

This weekend, meetings will occur in the U.K. with the financing parties behind Silver Line Films - the company with whom HHSE has contracted for the full-financing of "AJA" and "MOTHER GOOSE" (each at $3.5-mm USD and each FULLY FUNDED!).  "AJA" commences principal photography in July (in Savannah) so there's already a crew on staff and working now for this production. "MOTHER GOOSE" stars Sept. 12, but the only staff currently working are the production design team (character design, make-up, prosthetics, wardrobe) and the primary producers.  "AJA" is an Oscar-caliber film (that's our goal) and "MOTHER GOOSE" is a freakishly commercial film (also our goal).  So the two films represent the two primary creative / financial goals that HHSE / Medallion will be seeking as we emerge from the limitations of direct-to-video level films, and take these important, initial steps to become a Major Independent (ala Lionsgate / Summit). 

HHSE Managers will be back to the corporate offices next Thursday after the conclusion of Cannes meetings and London / U.K. finance meetings.

Much More Later - including the Promo Reel from KRAFTROC!