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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

NYC Exclusive Engagement of HOMELESS BILLIONAIRE starts June 17

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers - "THE HOMELESS BILLIONAIRE" opens at the Regal E-Walk on Friday, June 17, in New York's Time Square.  The film was shot primarily in New York City, many scenes in Times Square... so the launch of this film at Regal E-Walk represents a full-circle in the long and winding journey that film's sometimes take to make it to the theatres.

The film was shot clear back in 2009, and under the prior title of "MY FATHER'S WILL" - and based on the book by writer-director Fred Manocherian.  But as has been said in the movie business, "dying is easy, comedy is hard," and despite a hilarious script, "My Father's Will" suffered the fate of many comedies of "death by a thousand cuts."  Is it funnier to hold onto an actor's face after they deliver a punch line... or should the editor cut to the startled reaction of the by-standers?  Little decisions and fractions of time can make-or-break the comedic response that happens to the audience at a brain-synapse level... and with the wrong timing or editing choices, humor can fall flat.

So, with great care and attention, "My Father's Will" was carefully re-edited for comedy by Faryar Mansouri, and fully rescored with an entire new music track by Jack Lenz... and the result is the funny and touching film that director Manocherian always intended.  Retitled as "THE HOMELESS BILLIONAIRE" - the film is finally getting a mainstream release - with Hannover House handling the launch in New York - and expanding to theatres nationwide on Labor Day Weekend.  Home video will occur in Q4, and Netflix in Q1, 2017.

The New York City launch will be supported with newspaper ads, internet banners, spot market cable, and a cross-promotion with the New York Health and Racquet Clubs.

Check out the trailer - Just posted to YouTube about 10-days ago: