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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hannover Launches Medallion International at Active Cannes Market

(Cannes, France) Independent film distributor Hannover House, Inc. (OTC: HHSE) reports heavy traffic to its Cannes Film Festival / Marche du Film exhibition booth, with sales activities on many of the 32 titles being showcased, including distribution ventures for the U.K., France, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic.  Additional sales negotiations are continuing post-market for anticipated sales into Germany, South Africa, South Korea, China and Poland which the company hopes to finalize in the next few weeks. The Cannes Film Festival Marche Du Film is widely regarded as the most important international film licensing market of the year.  In respect of the number of program suppliers being represented, Hannover House elected to brand its international sales activities at Cannes under its Medallion Releasing, Inc. sales venture as Medallion International.

“The market was extremely lively at most times, with meetings often overlapping or being forced to reschedule,” said Eric Parkinson, C.E.O.  “Most of what we were presenting at the market were new releases that required a lengthier presentation for buyers. But the response was strong, and we expect to exceed our target goals as the licenses for the higher-budgeted new productions close in the post-market weeks.”

Principal new productions for Hannover House / Medallion include: the dramatic thriller “AJA” (commences principal photography July 18, Savannah, GA); the live-action family fantasy adventure “MOTHER GOOSE: JOURNEY TO UTOPIA” (commences principal photography Sept. 12, Atlanta, GA); and the supernatural-thriller “DELIRIUM” (commences principal photography Oct. 3, Greensboro, NC).  Buyers were also shown a promo reel from the first week of principal photography for the science-fiction musical feature, “KRAFTROC”, now filming.  Financing for “AJA” and “MOTHER GOOSE” is being provided by Silver Line Films, Inc.  Financing for “DELIRIUM” and “KRAFTROC” is being provided by Atlantic Studios, Inc., a recently formed entity for the specific purpose of producing feature films in partnership with Hannover House as distributor.  While Hannover House has no equity ownership in Atlantic Studios, Inc., the company is the beneficiary of the distribution rights to these, and prospectively other, feature films to be produced under this venture.

Hannover House / Medallion also had four films as Official Cannes Market Screenings:  “THE ALGERIAN”, “THE DOLL”, “VALLEY INN” and “THE HOMELESS BILLIONAIRE.”  Hannover House released “THE ALGERIAN” to theatres in the USA market last summer, and the title will debut on DVD and BluRay in July.  “THE DOLL” is a new production from director Susannah O’Brien, whose first feature, “ENCOUNTER” was also represented by Hannover House for all media.  “VALLEY INN” is a family feature starring Joey Lauren Adams and Mary Steenbergen.  Hannover House / Medallion are representing this film for International, Video-On-Demand and Television sales.  “THE HOMELESS BILLIONAIRE” is a romantic-comedy that Hannover House will launch to theatres beginning June 17 at the Regal E-Walk (New York City) before expanding nationwide on Labor Day Weekend.

“Our hands-on experience with these titles as the USA Distributor has carried a lot of weight with the international buyers,” Parkinson continued.  “Unlike most of the exhibitors at Cannes, Hannover House is a full-service distributor in our own territory, so we understand the needs of the licensors and can help them with marketing materials and strategies from our own experiences with these titles,” he concluded.

“We have surprised and shocked a lot of industry members here at Cannes,” said Parkinson.  “Although we have attended the market for many years as buyers for U.S. rights – and two years ago, we shared a seller’s booth with Odyssey Pictures – this was our first true presence as a seller.  It’s unprecedented for a first time exhibitor to have four major productions, four films in screenings and 32 total titles on offer.  We literally had some major territory buyers come by our booth and ask ‘who are you guys and how do you have so many good titles?’  It was a great way to start a new relationship.”