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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

All those $125,000 New Release Shipments start to ADD-UP to Big Money!

Beginning with DARK AWAKENING in June and continuing now through the OCTOBER New Release product commitments, HHSE / Medallion Supplier Studio products have scored TEN (10) placements IN  A ROW with Walmart Stores.  There are FOUR additional titles being considered for NOVEMBER - so the Company's path to success keeps marching forward.

Financially, each New Release placement results in outbound shipments of approximately $125,000 per title... of which HHSE / Medallion "hold back" revenue recognition until units actually sell-thru to consumers.  For calendar year 2015, HHSE / Medallion experienced a 12% average returns rate against gross sales... this is trending higher for 2016 (currently in the 20% average range) - but if we can "net" $100,000 per placement, and pop two-to-four titles into Walmart monthly, this becomes a very solid piece of our revenue pie.  Next up?  DAY OF REDEMPTION and BAD GIRLS for October.