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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

General Update / Tuesday, July 19

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers - In response to shareholder inquiries, here are some updates on issues of interest:

1).  NEW RELEASE ACTIVITIES - On the home video front, UNION BOUND and LINDA VISTA PROJECT are set at Walmart for August.  On the theatrical release front, HOMELESS BILLIONAIRE expands Labor Day, and SPICES OF LIBERTY (a Cannes Festival acquisition) opens Sept. 30.  HHSE / Medallion titles are also set for Walmart in September, October and November as new release home video items.

2).  ALCHEMY / AN CONNECT MATTERHHSE President Fred Shefte is scheduled to attend the 341 Hearing next Monday at the bankruptcy court in Wilmington, DE.  Shefte is armed with the support of 12 supplier studios who have provided written support for the formation of a creditor's committee as well as for Mr. Shefte's nomination to serve on such a committee.  A detailed analysis of the assets and benefits to HHSE / Medallion taking a leadership role in this matter will become evident once key information about the case, the assets and the disposition is approved for release.

3).  VODWIZ PARTNERSHIP - Vodwiz has entered into an agreement for a major hosting partner for VODWIZ, the activation for which requires additional mastering procedures.  To conform with this new partnering host, ALL titles must have closed-captions, and HALF of all titles must be in HD / Widescreen format.  Once these two threshholds are met, then the relationship can be publicly announced contemporaneously with the launch of this streaming portal.  Tom Sims continues to manage this burgeoning digital-streaming venture, and reports that the Alchemy matter has driven tonnage of titles for placement consideration.

4).  LIBRARY VALUATION / FORM 10 - At the request of our service providers, the Company is not providing new information on this corporate governance filing matter today.

5).  LEGAL ISSUES - Resolutions were formalized with Tribune and Accutrack and filed with the court (as previously mentioned in this blog).  Counsel reports favorable status on all other disputes and litigation matters.

6).  PRODUCTION ISSUES - Subject to key talent schedules, principal photography on "MOTHER GOOSE: JOURNEY TO UTOPIA" is set for Sept. 19;  The producers of "AJA" are also working to coordinate key talent schedules.  "TRUE FRESHMAN" is looking at an October launch of principal photography.  "YOUR LOCAL NEWS" completed post-production yesterday, and should be available for theatrical launch in October.

7).  INTERNATIONAL BOOK PARTNERSHIP - HHSE has made an agreement with a key wholesale book distributor in the U.K. (that also services all, major western European countries). This will be a "finished goods" venture, details for which will be announced separately.