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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fact check for those who may be confused about legal issues...

Good morning HHSE Friends & Followers - Some of you may have heard news of a major legal victory for Hannover House today, with respect to the TCA Global Master Fund disastrous predatory loan deal made in 2013?

As stated previously, HHSE fully paid off all balances to TCA along with all legally allowable interest, and we even "ate" about $55,000 in highly questionable "service fees" in our proof to the court that we had overpaid the loan.  Back in May of 2015, TCA filed a lawsuit in Florida and served Hannover House with proper, legal service as such.  We responded immediately and received emails, calls and other representations from TCA that 'as long as we were making payments' that no other legal action would be taken in the lawsuit. This was a very specific and demonstrably stated promise to "not proceed."

Accordingly, over the next few weeks, HHSE provided them with $75,000 and communicated with TCA representatives daily (sometimes as many as 5+ calls and 5+ emails EVERY day).  Never ONCE did TCA indicate that they were secretly proceeding with trying to get a "default" against HHSE while we were supposedly "working together."

In any event, we finally discovered months later (without any form of legal service from TCA) that a default had been filed in Florida during the time frame that they promised to stay activities due to HHSE making payments.  So when TCA attempted to "collect" in Arkansas last December on this fraudulently obtained judgment, our local counsel was able to promptly stop such activity.  Over the next few months, HHSE counsel communicated with TCA's newly-engaged Arkansas counsel, and demonstrated both that the total balance had been paid - as well as the multiple instances of deception, error or fraud committed against the Florida court by TCA in obtaining the judgment.

Now that HHSE is ready to proceed with our S.E.C. registration, uplist and new activities, it is essential that we have a "lien" as such removed from casting a shadow over the company's operations.  As our local (Arkansas) counsel was not getting any cooperation from TCA's Florida counsel to remove the judgment or file a "satisfaction" - we decided to go on the offensive for a change.  We hired a major law firm to move to "re-open" the case, strike the default and seek sanctions against TCA.

We are pleased to report that our counsel's initial motion to re-open the case in Florida has been filed and accepted by the court and that this is the first step in removing the lingering stink of TCA's false claims against HHSE. Ultimately, we hope to be awarded sanctions. Our attorneys at Shook-Hardy-Bacon are diligent, persistent and usually victorious.

So if you have a crazy amount of time and want to read a 288-page motion and a 16-page answer, you'll get the full facts.  Or, you can read baloney on the stock-basher sites and be somehow confused that this is a "bad" thing.  It's quite the opposite, but telling you it's a "good" development is not going to persuade low-information traders to sell to the bashers their HHSE shares at a loss... that's the goal of the misinformation clowns. Negative spin... the sky is falling... the basher clowns have been singing that false message for SIX years now and HHSE just keeps on growing!  "Scary innuendo" in the absence of anything substantive ... "ooohhh... if only you knew what I knew about HHSE, you'd sell your shares right now...!" or... "I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows the janitor at the S.E.C. office, and something bad's gonna happen... get out your popcorn!"  We've heard all these sky-is-falling false claims that Hannover House is imminently doomed for over SIX years now - all the while these same bashers are bragging about their profitable "rinse-and-repeat" scheme of boxing the stock with fake huge sale amounts, bashing the company with false information, then laughing all the way to the bank while emotionally-driven (or low-information) shareholders buy into their negative-spin strategy and make the wrong decision to sell their HHSE shares at a loss.  The positive angle is that we will soon crush these bashers, as they will not be able to sustain such manipulations against the volume of new shareholders and stock trading likely to occur with our current uplist and expansion activities.  This is pretty much their "last blast" opportunity to attack HHSE before being forced to find some other OTC equity.

The reality-check of this situation is that TCA did not proceed honorably with HHSE, and then through counsel, made numerous false statements to the court in support of their filing for a default judgment - which they had assured HHSE would NOT be filed.

Stay tuned....