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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Be patient, my friends and you will be rewarded

Good morning HHSE Friends & Followers - As the days turn into weeks, some shareholders have lost patience awaiting the final closure of the impending CRIMSON FOREST-HHSE Merger and how that will impact the bottom-line value of their HHSE shares.

We can state unequivocally that the value of the HHSE shares post-merger is substantially over the $.03 / PPS level - and furthermore state that following a lengthy telephone call with FINRA on Monday, that the few, remaining issues impacting the final step (the stock-for-stock swap) are being resolved and will promptly remove any final impediments to the stock exchange.

For those of you who have grown impatient and feel you must sell-sell-sell now, we bid you farewell and safe journeys.  But we also have an obligation to disclose that the stock-for-stock swap is based on a much higher value to HHSE shareholders (regardless of the temporary, day-to-day variations of the current trading price).  Selling now will only hurt those particular sellers, who we suspect may feel rather foolish in the coming days.  As the merger is structured, HHSE shareholders are being issued newly re-branded Crimson shares based on the predetermined level of the company's assets... not based on the momentary trading price of the HHSE stock prior to the swap.

Unless you have an urgent need for liquidity, veteran traders will be sitting it out for this final, brief pre-swap spell. This morning's blog is being posted now, in the final days before the stock-swap, as an advance rebuttal for anyone who might later claim "we didn't know" (about the short time frame to the swap, and the HHSE valuation being established at substantially over $.03 / PPS).  

For those of you hanging on... it's going to be an AMAZING Summer, followed by a consistent and accelerating momentum in revenues and results through the next few years.  This is the "prize" that HHSE management has been working to achieve:  a fully-reporting equity, substantial operational and marketing funding, and a slate of star-driven, high-profile movies to serve as revenue locomotives!  Watch this space...