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Monday, June 26, 2017

HHSE Pacts with Director Rick Walker on production of "THE BASEMENT"

Good morning HHSE Friends & Followers - We are pleased to announced that HHSE is partnering with director Rick Walker on a fourth project together - this time for the September feature film production shoot of "THE BASEMENT." Previous projects with Rick Walker included the horror film "FUN PARK," the college football documentary "SOONER MAGIC," and the upcoming science-fiction thriller "THE FINAL MINUTE."

"THE BASEMENT" will be shot in and around Fayetteville, Arkansas, in order to make use of the production equipment and post-production capabilities of Hannover House-Crimson - as well as the lucrative State of Arkansas rebates (which can be monetized to receive rebates for up to forty percent of a film's eligible expenses).  The thriller tells the story of a reclusive old woman in a large and spooky house - who is keeping a dark secret in the basement.  Negotiations have commenced with a major star for this role, with additional, commercial cast members expected for the roles of the two nephews as well as the Police Chief who unravels their scheme.

Production is planned for a four-week shoot commencing September 25 - and the film is expected to be a late spring (2018) theatrical release through HHSE-Crimson Forest.

Watch here for more details!

Old Lady Nelson is having some guests for Dinner...
She's cooking-up a special meal for you in 
T H E   B A S E M E N T

(Teaser Art - Not Final Campaign)