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Friday, June 23, 2017

VODWIZ activities at Cannes Market bring Supplier Studios count to 22 - representing over 4,500 titles!

Good Morning HHSE Friends & Followers - One of the many exciting aspects of the new financing from the merger of with Crimson Forest, is the long-awaited availability of funding to finally launch the VODWIZ consumer portal.  In anticipation of the current frenzy of mastering activities underway, HHSE executives Eric Parkinson and Fred Shefte held many meetings at the Cannes market last month, to recruit additional large supplier studios for the venture.  The results of the Cannes meetings were to functionally double the number of feature titles now available for upload to VODWIZ, to a count in excess of 4,500 titles.  This quantity (if all were posted and available), would rank VODWIZ in the top five for programming breadth of North American video-on-demand portals.  

As stated in the past, we have felt that "there's only one chance to make a first impression" with consumers visiting the VODWIZ portal.  Accordingly, we have withheld the formal launch of the service (and consumer support marketing), until we can make a strong first impression. We feel that a site with a broad selection of titles - ranging from recent theatrical titles and major studio fare, along with esoteric and hard-to-find independent titles - is the formula to build consumer excitement and viral buzz.  We can finally see the finish line that marks the consumer launch for this exciting venture. Watch this space!!