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Monday, December 17, 2012

20th Century Fox delivers an early Holiday Bonus to Hannover House!

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment surprised us today with a welcomed but unexpected bounty in the form of initial sell-thru sales results (and royalties) from their recent push with "TWELVE" at retail!  What a pleasant surprise, and right before the holidays, too!  We should take time to thank FOX for the incredible job they have done with the release of "TWELVE" for Hannover House, and their ongoing commitment to promoting the title for sell-thru and new placements.  I know that we managers at Hannover often complain about the huge investment the Company made to acquire and release "Twelve," and the associated debt burden it created. But let's take a moment to acknowledge that 20th Century Fox has done an amazing job with sales, revenues and PAYMENTS and for their help, we are most grateful and thankful this holiday season!