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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Outstanding W.W.II True Story told in "One of the Lucky Ones"

In May of 1940, with the occupation of France by Nazi Germany, 14-year-old NICOLE HOLLAND (aka "Cipa Widermann"), was included on a list of Jewish compatriats designated for arrest and hard labor in a prison camp. At the instruction of a neighbor, little Cipa hid in a closet while the rest of her family was arrested and carted away, never to be seen b her again (except, for the miraculous reuniting with one of her brothers years later).  To survive and avoid arrest, little Cipa adopted a new name and persona as "Nicole Holland," disguised as a Catholic girl being protected and schooled by Parisian nuns.  But there was more to her cover-up than just a new name and religion.  Nicole was also a secret spy, a bicycle courier and a member of the infamous French Resistance Army.  Her schoolgirl disguise was the ideal cover to facilitate the delivery of critical messages, and in some cases, the delivery of weapons and bombs inside her backpack.  "ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES" is the amazing and true story of a Jewish girl in the French Resistance -- Cipa Widermann / Nicole Holland.  This real-life, World-War II set biography was written by Nicole's daughter, BRENDA HANCOCK, and is told in a compelling new book release, coming in January from Hannover House (in both tradeback and e-book formats).