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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"TURTLE" selected for Wal-Mart Budget Bins!

So pleased to have learned that another Hannover House title, "Turtle: The Incredible Journey" has been approved for the Wal-Mart budget bins (on sale in January).  The revenues from the budget bins can be significant;  as stated previously, some of the better-selling Hannove House releases to the Wal-Mart budget bin have generated between $1-million and $1.5-million (e.g., "Oxygen", "Martial Arts Pack", "SWAT"); and with DVD replication costs lowering every quarter, the margins keep improving on these sales.  Even our "worst-selling" budget bin item at Wal-Mart was a healthy success!  We'll keep you posted as this item (and other HH budget bin placements) begin to generate reorders!