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Friday, December 14, 2012

HHSE Corporate Governance Policies Update

Greetings Shareholders & HHSE Friends -- at the request of many of our legitimate "long" shareholders, an impressive agenda of suggested changes to corporate governance were suggested to the Board.  These will be reviewed at noon (CST) today in a Board of Directors meeting and the results of applicable Board Actions will be promptly posted to the OTC Markets as a public disclosure.  We thank our shareholders for their support and advice, and hope together to implement strategies to restore the PPS to a level at least comparable to our sector (avg. Price-Earnings ratio is 20-X... HHSE is currently trading at onlyh 3-X !!).  Let's hope that these actions and strategies will kick-start a nice "Santa Claus" rally, and give the company's shares a positive trajectory going into the new year.  We think the stock should reflect the growth in our core business and revenues, and it's time to restore logic, sanity and reality to the Investor Relations activities.