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Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday morning - Quick Snapshot

Good Morning HHSE Followers - Here's a quick snapshot of some items and issues of interest:

1).  AFM - The first three days at the American Film Market (in Santa Monica), have been successful for HHSE, as Fred Shefte has acquired more than a dozen new release titles, including two theatrical features (the others are expected to be straight-to-video level releases).

2).  STANDARD REGISTRAR - HHSE has informed the Wyoming Secretary of State that the A/S Share Structure is to be "frozen" at this time, with no issuances from Standard Registrar to be authorized.  We felt that this draconian step was necessary due to the recent, unauthorized and unmerited issuances by Standard Registrar, combined with their lethargic rate of responding to our communications. At the request of our litigation counsel in Los Angeles, we have been advised to not publicly address our grievances with Standard Registrar any further through this blog.  For clarity, the A/S has been limited to 800-million shares.

3).  VODWIZ  - HHSE has some exciting news about VODWIZ that the Company believes will circumvent the issues of delay that have plagued the launch of this streaming portal. 

4).  THEATRICAL ACTIVITIES - A revised theatrical release schedule is being assembled to cover five (5) titles for 2016 that the Company will seek to release with 500+ screen openings;  it is believed that these higher profile titles will form the foundation of a major expansion of the Company's revenues, visibility and market share.

5).  LIMITED THEATRICAL TITLES - In addition to the higher profile theatrical titles alluded to in item # 4 above, HHSE is also pursuing some smaller releases for level 1 and level 2 theatrical release.  Level 1 releases include one-week, commercial engagements in at least 8 of the top 25 DMA's, including NY and LA.  Level 2 releases include one-week, commercial engagements in at least 30 of the top 40 DMA's, including all of the top 10;  the higher profile, Level 3 releases include at least 50 of the top 65 DMA's, including all of the top 10 markets, plus a minimum of 400 locations simultaneously.  On January 22, 2016, HHSE will release the sci-fi thriller "ENCOUNTER."  The breadth of that title's release will be at least Level 1 - but if theatres respond favorably enough to offer more locations, the Company will consider expanding the theatrical launch to Level 2.  The title's home video and V.O.D. releases are expected in late April, 2016.

6).  SPECIFIC TITLE UPDATES - HHSE has assembled three national consumer-product sponsors to assist with the March 4, 2016 home video release of "DANCIN' IT'S ON," - to elevate the stature of that title's home video launch.  HHSE is also informed of some new February placements at Walmart, including the New Release placement of "DAY OF REDEMPTION"  as well as the move-over of "DARK AWAKENING" to the in-line Modular Section (which is an 18-week placement, as opposed to a standard 2-week "New Release" slotting).  Titles that continue to sell briskly (and thus earning a prolonged placement in genre-specific storefronts for Walmart and Best Buy) include "AMERICAN JUSTICE", "ANTONIO AGUILAR COLECION", "ON ANGELS WINGS", and "LAZARUS PAPERS."  The Terrence Howard, Urban-Drama, "LOVE BEAT THE HELL OUTTA ME" encountered a rights delay issue, in that it was still under a "sell-off" period with Vivendi (Cinedigm) at the time of the first HHSE - MEDALLION mass merchant placement. This issue is expected to be resolved by Dec. 1st, at the natural maturation of the prior contract's sell-off period.