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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

HHSE to launch Christian-Appeal "UNION BOUND" to theatres in Q1, 2016

Dear HHSE Friends & Followers:  Hannover House and CMD Distribution will be launching "UNION BOUND" to theatres nationwide during Q1 (2016).  The release date will be set in concert with key theatrical exhibition chains, but will fall between Feb. 12 and 27, 2016.  Initial theatre count is 165 locations, with the majority of locations supported by local church-based outreach promotions.  The production and CMD Distribution team behind "UNION BOUND" has had extensive experience and success in marketing Christian-themed / Christian-appeal films over the years - stretching from the genre' launching breakout hits: "Left Behind" and "The Omega Code" to the recent smash box office hit, "God's Not Dead."

UNION BOUND is unique in that it also appeals to mainstream audiences.  Inspired by a historically accurate situation, and featuring an abundance of Civil War action and battle sequences, the film delivers an inspiring and timely message that will appeal to a broad range of movie goers (including those appreciating its pro-biblical worldview).

TEASER TRAILER:  https://vimeo.com/135084409

OFFICIAL WEBSITE:  www.UnionBoundTheMovie.com

DVD / BluRay are likely for JUNE, 2016 with Netflix / SVOD occurring 60-days later.