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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday, Nov. 19 - Update On Filings

Good Afternoon HHSE Friends & Followers:

1).  Q3 FILINGS - SEC and OTC - Delayed until tomorrow.  Why?  The Company was in receipt of prepaid cash from producer-clients for P&A expenses as of Sept. 30, and has requested advice from a CPA as to the proper characterization of these funds.

2).  FORM 8 FILING - The filing of the Form 8 will also follow the publication of the full Q3 report, as the Form 8 refers to items in the Q3 report.

3).  SHAREHOLDER Q&A - HHSE has agreed to address shareholder questions via this BLOG. In the near future, we hope to replace the email Q&A format with an investor "conference call." Meanwhile, please email any questions you have regarding Q3 results or other activities to:


Questions received by 10am Pacific Time tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 20) will be addressed in tomorrow afternoon's blog.


 SALES SNAPSHOT: Q3 - (Period Ending Sept. 30, 2015)
 Consumer Products (DVDs, BD's, Books)  $         721,159.38
 25% Returns Reserve on Packaged Goods Sales  $      (179,905.60)
 Television / V.O.D. / S.V.O.D.  $         516,065.00
 VODWIZ Mastering & Upload Fees  $            43,750.00
 International Licenses  $                           -  
 Major Studio Distribution Ventures  $                           -  
 Theatrical Releasing Revenues & Fees  $      1,517,800.26
 $      2,618,869.04