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Monday, November 2, 2015

Share Issuance / Analysis & Update

Good Morning HHSE Followers - At the request of key shareholders, we are posting this update immediately, even though certain facts which may prove key to the Company's ultimate resolution strategy are still unknown.

Last Friday, without prior notice, Standard Registrar & Transfer Co., Inc., the Company's current Transfer Agent, issued over 15-million shares to some entity, for unknown and undisclosed reasons.  HHSE reached out on Friday for clarification, but SRTC closes early on Fridays.  How convenient.

In any event, over the past 60-days, SRTC has issued shares now on three separate occasions which did not receive approval authorization from HHSE, and which (on at least one of the three - and possibly "this new one") were without equitable basis.  The first of these - the meritless issuance of 9.8-million shares to Blackbridge Capital against an already fully paid note to NB Cal - is now the subject of a civil action being prepared by the law firm of Hinds & Shankman in Los Angeles.

Over the next few hours, as data and information is obtained, this blog will be updated.  Meanwhile, it is the Company's intention to move to a different Transfer Agent - one that fulfills its obligations to coordinate with the Company on all share issuance matters - and one that is not "randomly" deciding to issue shares.  This is not an acceptable situation, and will not be allowed to continue.