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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another HHSE-Medallion New Title Venture from the Hong Kong FilMart

Hannover House is proud to announce the immediate USA Theatrical Release of "EXTRAORDINARY MISSION" - from the writer of "The Departed" and China's two mega-prolific producers CMC PICTURES and PERFECT WORLD PICTURES ("Jason Bourne", "Allegiant", "Fifty Shades Darker").

We're moving quickly on this title and have already booked theatres for APRIL 7th in top markets, including NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES, CHICAGO, SAN FRANCISCO and many others.

High-end action films from China have a terrific box office track record, with movies like "Hero" grossing $53-million and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" topping $120-million.  Hannover House predicts that "Extraordinary Mission" will beat all prior HHSE titles in box office gross... and will set the stage for a significant slate of features (both in Mandarin and in English) from these important world media producers.

Title Fact Sheet

Prod. Year:                  2017 / China
Genre’:                        Action-Adventure
Budget:                       $23-Million USD
Producers:                  CMC PICTURES / PERFECT WORLD PICTURES
(“Jason Bourne”, “Allegiant”, “Fifty Shades Darker”),

Directors:                    ALAN MAK SIU FAI  / ANTHONY PUN
Stars:                           YIHONG DUAN, YUETING LANG, XUAN HUANG,
Running Time:            120-minutes
Format Specs:             1:1.85, Dolby Stereo 7.1 / 5.1 – DCP (JPEG 2000)
MPAA Rating:             Pending MPAA Rating (R-rating expected)
Language:                   Mandarin with English Subtitles
Distributor:                 CMC Pictures / Hannover House
DCP Lab:                     FilmWorks Labs, Taylor@HannoverHouse.com, 479-521-5774
Booking Contact:       Eric Parkinson, Eric@HannoverHouse.com / 818-481-5277

Link to Trailer:             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF_2eM3ZR5Y

Synopsis:                    A respected, veteran cop was going through a rough path of his life: his mother passed away recently, at the same time he finds himself under a false investigation for bribery. On his way to the funeral, he accidentally hits someone with his car. Panicked, he decides to try to get away with it under camouflage. Days after the incident, when the pressure is finally settling down, he discovers that the criminal he is currently pursuing in another case is the person that he hit. What’s worse, someone witnessed the whole accident and filed an anonymous report. That “someone” turns out to be a cop.  What’s his purpose? Why is he pursuing this accident? “EXTRAORDINARY MISSION” tells a complex story of mystery and betrayal, wrapped into one of the most spectacular action films ever made.