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Friday, March 24, 2017

Greetings from L.A. - it's a beautiful day for HHSE!

Good morning HHSE Friends & Followers - The L.A. Meetings this week went very well, and details will begin to be released in coordination with corporate filings and disclosures.

Meanwhile, some shareholders have asked us to comment on the favorable outcomes and closures of two litigation matters.

a).  With respect to FFI, the company has demonstrated full payment of the obligation, and is moving for a judicial declaration to discharge the matter.

b).  With respect to the litigation filed by the D.C. event photographer, as stated repeatedly in this blog and in disclosures, there was never any authorization granted for the filing of a copyright in the work-for-hire images taken at a HHSE Screening event.  The case has been formally dismissed by the court.

Cheers!  HHSE