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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Don't bet against HHSE!

Greetings HHSE Friends and Followers. We're told by some longs that there is a filed lawsuit against HHSE / MEDALLION by the producers of UNION BOUND. As we have not been served and have not seen the lawsuit, it's not possible to fully respond.

However, the "high altitude" view of this topic is that an attempted legal action by UNION BOUND is frivolous AT WORST, or financially beneficial to us AT BEST.  You see, they never provided the required P&A to HHSE/MEDALLION, and instead left us stuck with covering over $200,000 of their bills. Their promised "specialty support" that they said would be provided by the "alt right" media never materialized - or if it did, it certainly did not deliver the $2,000 per screen results promised by Mike Davis, which promise was relayed to the major theatre chains as an inducement to provide theatre screens.

Despite HHSE signing the agreement, we never received back a countersigned copy - and we did not receive the $700,000 required for the release and specified in the agreement. If they are now deciding to acknowledge the existence of the agreement, one of our responses would be, "fine, where's the P&A money?"

The agreement also specifies that the court in the event of a dispute or legal action shall be the jurisdiction of the defendant - and we see no court filing made in Washington County, Arkansas.

As described in the past, some producers like to pick-and-choose certain items in a contract that fit their position while ignoring other key elements. The courts don't judge contracts that way, however. So we're certain that we will quickly prevail in having this absurd matter dismissed.

If you think we're wrong, remember that we also told shareholders on this blog that TCA was fully paid, FFI was moving to a satisfaction filing, and that the D.C. Photog case was ridiculous. If you want an accurate analysis of what is happening at HHSE, check HERE, don't check on stock-manipulator chat boards. We are legally obligated to express the truth as it exists at the time of posting. Are the chat board posters required to be truthful... or are they motivated to be deceptive?

On an unrelated note, this is an epic week for HHSE. Just watch!