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Monday, June 8, 2015

HHSE Media Day Welcomes CLAUDINE ANDRE' from the Congo!

While previous HHSE Media Day Events have had stars travel from places such as London and New York - the travel that world renowned naturalist Claudine Andre' is enduring (from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo) is a new record distance!  While in New York, Claudine will be participating in a feature documentary for Discovery Networks, as well as a full-day of non-stop media interviews in support of the HHSE release of "BONOBOS: BACK TO THE WILD."

It is shaping up to be a major media event!  Key media and broadcast attendees that have responded to attend the Media Day event include (listed alphabetically):  Access Hollywood, AP-TV News, Associated Press, CNN Showbiz Tonight, E! TV, Entertainment Weekly, Extra!, Huffington Post (AOL), New York Daily News, New York Post, New York Times, Reuters, Time Out New York, USA Today, Village Voice, Yahoo! Movies.  More to follow...