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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The shocking and true story of Mexico's secret conspiracy!

BORRAR DE LA MEMORIA ("Erased from Memory") is the award winning and hugely successful Mexican theatrical release that dared to take on their government and expose the conspiracy that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of protesting students in 1968.  Now, with today's current news headlines mirroring an equally sinister theme of government corruption (and the death of innocent youths in Mexico) the timing for this film has never been better.

Hannover House is releasing BORRAR DE LA MEMORIA to theatres in key markets beginning August 28, and will have videos ready by Q4 shipment.

Mexican box office grosses convert into $1.6-mm US Dollars, and over 800,000 admissions, making this film as one of the top independent theatrical releases of the year in Mexico.

Hannover House and the newly launched PELICULAS FANTASTICO"' releasing label have had solid success recently with Spanish-language DVD releases.  Currently on sale at WALMART nationwide are ASALTO AL CINE and ANTONIO AGUILAR COLECION.

The theatrical momentum and subject matter of BORRAR DE LA MEMORIA should make turn this into the Company's best selling Spanish release to date!