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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

HHSE Snapshot of Key Titles / Rights - So Far for 2015

Good evening HHSE Friends - With so many releases and so much activity underway for Hannover House and Medallion Releasing labels this year, some shareholders have had a hard time keeping up with rights and rankings.

Accordingly, we have assembled a snapshot chart (BELOW) of the Top SIXTY (60) titles for 2015 that are already ANNOUNCED (bearing in mind that some big guns are coming for Q3 / Q4!).

For clarity, we have identified which Media Rights are being represented by HHSE for Domestic; International rights are also vested with 22 titles, but have not been calculated into these domestic rankings.  Unlike "ON ANY SUNDAY," (in which HHSE had only theatrical rights, and no home video representation), HHSE is retaining packaged goods (home video) for ALL Theatrical titles... and with the single exception of "DARK AWAKENING" (which had a major Netflix presale already in place), HHSE is also handling Video-On-Demand for all Theatrical titles.

Rankings are based on anticipated Gross Revenues for HHSE / Medallion from all applicable domestic (North American) media. Not included are titles projected to perform below these top 60 items, or revenues from general catalog sales not resulting from a repricing or repackaging promotion. Also not included are the major Productions, the International Revenues and the Major Theatrical titles for which specific release dates are still pending.

Regarding the THEATRICAL TITLES, this category has the "wow" and "unknown" factor... will any of the theatrical releases start to catch fire and merit a wider expansion?  Impossible to forecast, so the projections for ranking purposes are based on the assumption of "no, there will not be a breakout / surprise hit."  But with 90+ titles for release during 2015, who needs a breakout hit to have an AMAZING Year!?!?