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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our tax dollars, at work?

Happy Sunday evening, HHSE friends - as of 10pm Pacific Time today (Sunday, June 14), HHSE still has not received back formal approval for the wording of the participation details of a sponsorship and charitable beneficiary promotion supporting the first "major" theatrical title release from the active Cannes acquisition market.  Accordingly, we are unlikely to be posting that particular piece of news tomorrow morning, as we had previously planned.  It's facetious of us to say "our tax dollars at work" merely because the organization has a military - governmental - Veterans Administration tie-in.  The fact of the matter is that they are extremely careful about their organization's associations with commercial ventures, and they don't work on weekends (unlike the HHSE staff!). 

The title is acquired and set for Q4 theatrical release.  If we don't get the approval in the next few days from this cross-promotional partner, we will proceed to release the film's theatrical release news without the cross-promotional partner's details included.