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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A "picture guide" for those who'd rather not read HHSE Corporate filings

Dear HHSE Shareholders - There has been a lot of insane obfuscation on one of the more popular stock chat boards from an "intentionally confused" individual... a poster who has been spending a tremendous amount of time fabricating erroneous posts about HHSE... and absolutely no time in actually reading the corporate filings and pub-co disclosures.  Most would call such activities "Pretty Dumb." Seriously, how many otherwise productive hours has this person spent trying to convince Chicken Little that the sky is falling?  Who among the vast marketplace of legitimate shareholders cannot see the desperation of this poster to say anything that might take the shine off HHSE? 

Regardless - and in respect of our recently added and upcoming new HHSE shareholders -  we've decided to post a visual chart of the company's corporate history and structure.  The layout below is almost in "picture-format" - so even the reading-challenged should be able to figure out the simple and straight chronology of the past 20-years of operations for our company. 

Over the next few weeks, leading up to (and into) the Cannes Festival and Marche du Filme, the company will be releasing quite a bit of exciting news.  We thank our longs (and those who actually read our filings) for your support!  Go HHSE!